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How to set up Sub-Accounts
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Sub accounts, or student group log ins, are required to prevent students from accessing teacher or staff profile information and to prevent log in issues when classes are using the site. 

What are sub accounts?

They are basically just group log ins with restricted access.  Anyone logging in via a student sub account (log in) will not have access to teacher's guides, answer keys, etc.  

Please note: The system refers to sub accounts (log ins) as 'seats.'  Teachers usually think of 'seats' as 'students' but in this case 'seats' are sub accounts, or group log ins.  Each sub account will allow the maximum number of students in your membership category to log in at one time (teacher/family membership is for up to 30 students and has five sub accounts that can each take 30 students at one time). 

What is the best way to use sub accounts?

We recommend that you set up at least five student sub accounts, divide the class into five sections and assign a group log in (sub account) to each section.  When the students log in, hopefully, they can all log in on the first try.  However, if there are five incorrect attempts on one log in, the group log in (sub account) will lock temporarily for five minutes.  Should this occur, simply give the students that still have yet to log in another one of the five available to you.  That should get all students in the class into the site quickly, without having to wait on the temporary locks that might occur.

We do NOT recommend trying to have students each create their own account.  This would be difficult to track and keep up with for teachers and slow students down as they try to access member games, particularly if they forget their user name or password.

To register for sub accounts (student group log ins) click on the video or PDF below.


PDF document - can be used online or you can print

Video on YouTube 


Please contact us at if you are having difficulties setting up sub accounts, don't feel that you have been given the correct amount of sub accounts or if you have any other questions regarding membership.  Thanks!



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