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Super STEM Saturday
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Join Edheads for a FREE, fun, informative, STEM-tastic event!

Super STEM Saturday

For students in grades 1-8

October 21, From 10 – 2

At Columbus School for Girls

(65 S Drexel Ave, Columbus, OH 43209)


Students: Enjoy hands-on and minds-on activities. Learn about high paying, in-demand careers like accounting, manufacturing, construction, engineering, welding, medical testing and more!  Check out what you can do below.  You can win great prizes and get cool stuff just for attending!!  See the bottom of the page for the list of prizes you can win, just for being there.


Parents:  Learn the educational pathways to fulfilling careers and pick up tips on how to guide your children toward success!


PDF to print for students


Join us to learn more about great careers with the following companies:



Join us on an adventure through the world of civil design from the ground up! EMH&T will take students on a trip from the planning stages of a neighborhood through full design of structures, roadways and landscape. Be sure to check out the survey equipment used as the first step before any new project begins. Students will learn how to take the information drawn from the survey data and incorporate into a design of their own. Most students will be able to take home a planning kit and design a city or neighborhood!









Honda will be sharing a simple measurement exercise explaining part stack up and tolerances. We will also be sharing the Manufacturing Technician game produced jointly by Honda and Edheads. We will share with parents some pathways into Honda manufacturing and design careers.


 Join Kokosing to learn about careers and possibly get a chance to operate a mini-excavator!  Discover what skills are needed to succeed in construction careers.



LabCorp will present students with the opportunity to look at blood cells through a microscope to see how it compares to blood seen in a vial when a sample is taken at a doctor’s office. We will explain how we use science to run tests to see what makes people sick so doctors can treat them.




Parker will have a fun interactive puzzle where children and parents will get to assemble fabricated tubes into a hydraulic system during a timed challenge. All participants can take home a Parker balsa wood airplane or a yo-yo. Parker STEM employees will also be sharing with parents and children the different career opportunities in the STEM field at Parker Hannifin.




Come learn about in-demand careers involving welding with AWS! Activities you can do include:

1) using a welding machine to join wire, then test the join,
2) using a measurement tool for detecting corrosion, and
3) handling various welding supplies, finished welds, and welds that have been tested.
Join AWS to learn more about this in-demand career and what you can do with various degrees of education.


OSU College of Engineering will be sharing activities and information about Electrical Engineering.



   Settle Muter Electric will demonstrate the hands-on, in-demand career of Electrician!  Students can learn about electricity and see how a variety of electrical circuits work by determining how to close the circuit.  


American Scientific will be sharing an IQ KEY, a Pendulum Wave Demonstration, and an Air Puck with students and families who stop by the AmSci Experience table! They will also supply information about STEM marketing careers to those interested in harnessing both creative and technical skillsets. #ScienceForAll

American Scientific is also providing prizes for attending students to win!


Edheads' will be sharing a hard-to-solve geometric puzzle, and the 'magic' behind the paint on a color changing pencil. All participants can take home a puzzle and a pencil. Edheads will also be sharing with parents how best to encourage their children to enter STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) careers.


Prizes students can win for attending Super STEM Saturday, donated by American Scientific:  

IQ KEY Perfect 400 Robotic STEM Kit: The Perfect 400 comes with plans to build 10 different machines. Our winner can stimulate right brain creativity by designing and building incredibly unique machines! The Perfect 400 is used to identify different simple machines that are working together to transfer and transform energy. When using the Perfect 400, our winner will transform into an self-made engineer!


Pendulum Wave Demonstration: The pendulum, at rest and in motion, demonstrates how a mass accelerates (and decelerates) in response to gravitational force. Multiple pendulums with decreasing string lengths in motion will simultaneously create mesmerizing visual patterns that move in and out of sync with each other! Our winner can share this demonstration with friends and family!

Air Puck: This prize makes it simple to demonstrate Newton’s Laws, energy, and momentum. The Air Puck is perfectly balanced and glides on a cushion of air for nearly frictionless motion across any smooth surface. Its sturdy bumpers will survive collisions with walls, shoes, or other Air Pucks, so play with a group!


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